The facility will assure the provision of these basic services:

  1. Care and supervision;
  2. Monitoring and observation for changes in physical, mental, emotional and social functioning;
  3. Notification to resident’s family, physician, and other appropriate person/ agency of resident’s needs.
  4. Food Services:
    1. Three (3) nutritious meals per day and between meal snacks.
    1. Special diets if physician prescribed
  5. Helping gain access to supportive services, which may include medical, dental, and other health care services; transportation; recreational and leisure activities; and social and counseling services.
  6. Plan, arrange and/or provide for transportation to medical and dental appointments. Facility will assist with arranging for transportation to and from medical and dental services.
  7. A planned activity program, including arrangement for utilization of available community resources as follows:
    1.  Physician’s services – There are a number of medical offices covering a range of specialties in the 200 to 400 block of S. Melrose Ave,  less than one mile from the property.
    2. Medical Offices – Within 4 miles is Tri-City Medical Center and its extensive surrounding complex of every imaginable medical specialty.    
    3. Community Activity Sites – Nearby community activity sites include Breeze Hill Park, Vista Village Creek, Vista Library, Vista Farmer’s Market and Civic Center Park within 2.5 miles, Brengle Terrace and Gloria McClellan Senior Center within 4 miles. There are several churches along S. Melrose that offer organized activities.
  8. Assistance with personal activities of daily living as follows:
    • Dressing;
    • Eating (including feeding assistance);
    • Toileting;
    • Bathing;
    • Grooming;
    • Mobility; and
    • Other personal care needs: housework, meals, laundry, taking of medication, appropriate transportation, correspondence, telephoning, and related tasks.
  9. Provide basic hygiene items such as general use soap and toilet paper. Other personal toilet articles, i.e. toothpaste, Kleenex, mouthwash, shampoo, etc. are the responsibility of the resident or responsible person.
  10. Laundering of personal clothing. General laundry service (washing and drying of personal laundry [excluding dry cleaning]).
  11. Clean bed and bath linens weekly, or as often as needed.
  12. Cleaning of resident’s room at least weekly.
  13. Comfortable and suitable bed and bedroom furniture. The resident may provide his/her own furniture as long as the room will accommodate items. Furniture should be of good quality and safe. Facility reserves the right to reject furnishings if facility believes the furniture is not safe or in a state of good repair.
  14. Assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs as follows: Facility encourages responsible person to transport resident to medical and dental appointments. Facility will transport resident as needed to medical and dental appointments, if responsible person is unavailable.
  15. Assistance with taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications in accordance with physician’s instructions unless prohibited by law or regulation.
  16. Bedside care and tray service for minor temporary illnesses or recovery from surgery. Tray service during the temporary illness or recovery from surgery is provided without charge for two days. After two days, a fee will apply.
  17. Facility provides access to facility phone for the purposes of making local phone calls and receiving phone calls. Facility encourages resident to use a prepaid phone card or cell phone for long distance calls. If resident lacks the mental and/or physical capacity to dial phone, facility will assist.